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2005 Ford F-150 Prerunner

I met the owner of this F-150 prerunner through another reader of our magazine, and he asked about getting his truck featured in our magazine. He sent me a link to a picture of his truck and instantly I said, “When can you come out for a photo shoot?”

We set up a time for both of these readers to come out and we shot both of their trucks at the same time. The other truck will be featured next month.

The 2004 and newer F-150 is a perfect platform to build a prerunner. There are long travel kits made for 2WD and 4WD models and with the variety of cab configurations available it really is the Swiss Army Knife of prerunners. Another nice feature of the new F-150s is the fact that they now come from Ford with coil-overs in front. This means you can build your prerunner in stages, making it a little easier on your wallet.

Josh’s F-150 uses Total Chaos’ Upper Control Arms with 1” uniballs to increase wheel travel in front. This gives the F-150 a 4.5” wider track per side. Providing the dampening for the front suspension is a set of Dirt Logic 2.5 coilovers.

Adorning the front of this prerunner is a custom tube bumper with 4 Acro 8” halogen lights. That is plenty of light to get to where you’re going in the dark at whatever speed you choose.

To make room for the 35”x12.50”x18” Nitto Mud Grappler Tires mounted on Helo MAXX 6 rims are Glassworks fiberglass fenders. The rear got the “Pulled Bedside” treatment which is no easy task on the new F150s because of the height of the bedsides themselves.

The rear suspension is made up of a custom bedcage that has been painted black. Connected to this ‘cage are a set of Fox Shox reservoir shocks with 14” shafts. The black bedcage looks nice against the Rhino Lined bed.

What you can’t see on this is truck from the outside is the performance work Josh had done to the truck. For starters there is a 40 series Flowmaster exhaust, a Series 77 K&N Intake, Throttle Body Spacer, and a Super Chips programmer. To get more “Get Up and Go”, Josh had 4.56 gears and an Auburn Locker put in the rear. This will definitely help this 2WD prerunner get to where it’s going.

I didn’t get the particulars, but if Josh ever gets tired of listening to the gentle roar of his hot-rodded V-8 he can enjoy the tunes with his full blown audio system, complete with a custom Kicker sub box in the extra cab. I was so blown away at the craftsmanship that went into building this truck I just forgot to ask.

You can see that this F-150’s transformation into a Desert Flyin Prerunner took thought and a high level of quality work to build. Also when you see the retina burning red paint on this truck, it may make you think twice about thrashing it in the desert, but hey why build it if you can’t enjoy it?

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