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2012 SEMA Show Special – FullDroopTV

The SEMA Show 2012 turned out to be one of the best in a few years. Our first coverage happened back in 2008, a real strong showing then the next few years saw a decline partly due to the slowed economy, but for 2012 the SEMA Show was back stronger than ever.

This year we decided to do something a little different than our previous years covering this event, and we interviewed a lot of the companies that make products you prerunner lovers would be interested in for a special episode of FullDroopTV.


First up was an interview with King Shocks owner Brett King talking about their new heat sinks that go on their reservoirs. They can even be retrofitted onto shocks that don’t have them.

BJ Baldwin's Sand Truck at SEMA 2012

Next we headed outside to show you a closer look at BJ Baldwin’s Sand Truck. Looking to the rear of it is something you see under the hood of a trophy truck, yes that is a Kroyer Racing Motor powering this little Colorado.

Then it was off to the Miller Welding booth for a closer look at their new Multimaticâ„¢ 200. This little welder makes it possible to MIG, TIG and stick weld and runs off 110V or 220V power so it works in anyone’s garage.

We headed back outside to interview our friend Brian Binkert of Bink Design as he walks us through all the stuff on his Ranger Prerunner.

KC Hilites Super Duty at SEMA 2012

KC Hilites Bones LEDs at SEMA 2012

Next we headed over to the KC Hiltes booth to take a look at their new Bones line of LED light bars. We talked with Lisa Sievers and she showed us just how amazing their new LED light bars are, and you can see from the pics they are strong, yes that is a Ford Super Duty parked on top of one.

Then we spoke with Brian Godfrey of FOX Shox to see how you can upgrade your Raptor.

Rough Rider Raptor at SEMA 2012

We stopped by the Ford booth and there we saw a special Rough Riders version of the Raptor built for charity, and when I say built I mean it. This was no stock Raptor.

ReadyLift showed us their new Chevy Silverado mid-travel kit for 2WD and 4WD trucks.

Our last stop was at RPG Raptor Performance Group where we spoke with Jarrett Valenti about how his company builds parts to improve any Raptor.


Jessi Combs at SEMA 2012

There were also a lot of celebrities on hand. Here we found Jessi Combs from Overhaulin, and we also saw famed car builder Chip Foose at a special press conference to unveil a truck he built for WD-40.

WD-40 Rust Remover at SEMA 2012

Speaking of WD-40 you have to check out their new rust remover product. Simply soak whatever is rusted and over night it is like new again.

Magnaflow Revolver Truck  at SEMA 2012

Yes we know it is not directly related to prerunners but inside the Magnaflow booth they unveiled their new Revolver truck. This truck allows you to hear their different exhaust systems simply by rotating them.

EV West Electric Class1 buggy at SEMA 2012

We saw was the EV West electric Class1 buggy. I watched a video on this and it is 100% powered by electricity and still fast as any gas powered buggy.

EV West Electric Class1 buggy rear at SEMA 2012

We also got to talk with the owner of McGaughy’s Suspension Parts about using one of their long travel kits in an upcoming episode of FullDroopTV. For more details on this kit check out McGaughys Suspension Parts

We had such a great time this year at the 2012 SEMA Show and we hope you enjoyed our coverage. Look for us to do this again next year.

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