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2012 SNORE Battle at Primm

Riot Racing Wins the 2012 Battle at Primm

The SNORE Battle at Primm 2012 put a whole new meaning to “Going for Broke”. With such a short course to race most racers kept the skinny pedal to the floor, and the results was a great weekend of racing with a lot of DNFs.


For some this made victory that much sweeter, especially for the Riot Racing team. Even though the Driver of Record was Marc Ewing, that Red Bull helmet on the driver looks like the one owned by Bryce Menzies. In any case the Riot Team took the overall win in their class and for the race with a stellar time of just 01:58:22.843 for the weekend.

Sean Mecham takes second overall

Taking second for the weekend and first in Class 1 Unlimited was a common name on the podium, Sean Mecham in the 152 car with a time of 02:10:16.374.

Todd Wyllie Takes third overall

Third overall and second in Unlimited Truck was Todd Wyllie who finished in 02:25:58.500. Wyllie really wowed the crowd at the infamous dyke jump Saturday morning with one of the longest jumps I have ever seen at this race. As he floated through the air the crowd roared and arms went up.

Believe it or not these 3 racers were the only finishers out of both Unlimited Truck and Class 1 Unlimited, which is unfortunate with racers like Johnny Greaves putting on such an impressive show on Sunday.

Luke McMillin wins Class 1600

In Class 1600 we saw Luke McMillin in the 1688 car win with a time of 02:24:20.843

Rounding out our top 5 was Juan Carlos Lopez in the #18 Trick Truck

1450 winner Steve Olliges had a phenomenal weekend, and it’s too bad 1450 isn’t a Pro class or he would have won the overall with his time of just 01:46:57.765. That is a whole 12 minutes faster than the overall winner.

Where would Desert Racing be without its fans. We got the Thumbs Up from this group

Here are some more shots from the weekend.

The harsh weather that weekend didn’t seem to phase anyone, the spectator crowds were large and the number of racers was high too at 208 entries. SNORE definitely put on a great show for the season opener.

Here are some of the other top finishers:

Class winners included Marc Ewing (Unlimited Truck); Sean Meacham (Class 1);  Roger Starkey (Class 10); Brady Wisdom (Class 12);  Jordan Poole (Class 13); Steve Olliges (Class 1450); Eric Trondie (Class 15);  Luke McMillin (Class 16); Pellissier (Class 18); Ryan Frisby (Class 3000); Ben Swift (Class 5); Tom Bird (Class 5-1600); Kevin Soder (Class 7); Richard Waite (Class 8);  Eric Muller (Class 9); Jonathon Libby (Heavy Metal); David Cote (Stock Bug); and Bill Morris (UTV).

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