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4WD Ford F-150 Prerunner by Dixon Bros. Racing

If you know anything about Prerunners then I am sure you have heard the name Dixon Bros Racing. They have revolutionize the offroad industry by creating long travel suspension kits while still being able to retain 4WD. The Dixons have a long history in offroad racing, and it doesn’t hurt that they have engineering backgrounds. Their background shows in their products. You can see for yourself with the front-end Long Travel Suspension build of our Desert 4×4 Project Ford Ranger.

Along with making a great long travel kit for the Ford Ranger, Dixon Bros also makes one for the ’97-03 F-150 again with 4WD. This kit gives you 14” of wheel travel with an 8” wider track.

To show off their products Dixon Bros Racing created this no frills all-purpose ’02 Ford F-150 Lariat Crew Cab 4wd. Starting with the front you will notice the increased track width. This helps high-speed stability and helps to create the 14” of travel. The F-150 rides on King coilover shocks and King bypass shocks. Custom upper and lower control arms box plated and gusseted for extreme abuse. The custom upright bracket raises the position of the upper ball-joint (a uni-ball bearing) to provide the best geometry for 4wd long-travel articulation.

Moving to the rear of the Super Crew DBR installed Deaver Spring leaf springs to get an amazing 18″ of rear wheel travel. Using King bypass shocks and a custom bed-cage built by DBR, the Super-Crew is capable of soaking up the wildest bumps and jumps.

Because of the increased track width of the DBR kit you will need to ‘glass the front fenders and it helps to have fiberglass besides too. The best part of using fiberglass on your Prerunner is ‘glass bends and does not dent, so if you bang them it will give, instead of making an ugly dent. You also get a little weight savings to help compensate for the huge rubber (37” Goodyears on this truck) that you slap on your truck.

The best part of long travel 4WD is you get the best of both worlds. You can fly down fire roads at unbelievable speeds then go trail riding through the mountains with the same truck. Now that is priceless.

These are some testing pics shot at the dunes of Pismo, CA.



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