6 Months Already

Yes the September issue will be our 6th monthly issue, and oh what a ride it has been.

I thought when I started Prerunner Maniac, "Hey I am already a Web Designer, how hard could it be to keep an online magazine going?" As it turns out it is not hard just more work than I thought it would be.

So far I am loving every minute of it. I have met so many new people that all share this hobby, and so far everyone has been very nice. It seems since this is such a niche market when you find folks that like Prerunners they want to share their experiences with others like themselves. That is why I say this has been a lot of fun.

Part of running a magazine is visiting places you have never been before. A good example was the Extreme Motorsports Expo we covered in a past issue. I was raised in Las Vegas and have been visiting California since before I could walk, but I had never been to Costa Mesa before. It was something else…definately different than what I am used to.

As you might have seen from my byline I saw my first offroad race in 1981, the Mint 400. When I look back at the path my life has taken so far, I would have never guessed I would be writing an article like this.

We here at Prerunner Maniac want to thank all our loyal readers for all the support you have shown us so far. Without someone to read your magazine it is hard to have a magazine, so if you enjoy our magazine and know of others that would enjoy it be sure to tell them to subscribe today.

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