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6 Over Prerunner Ranger

The owner of this fine black prerunner sent us pictures of his truck and we knew it had to get in our magazine.

Last month you saw the Aired Out Prerunner of Brandon from Las Vegas. When we did the photo shoot for it we also shot this crazy 6 over Ranger prerunner owned by Jeremy, another Las Vegas resident.

The first thing you notice on Jeremy’s prerunner is the 6 over front suspension. You can’t help but notice it as even the large bulge of the Glassworks fiberglass fenders can not contain it. So why did the owner choose to go so w I d e?…that’s easy, with a-arm prerunners the only way to get more travel is to go wider than stock. Also the extra width does wonders for stability when you are tearing up the desert.

The kit was fabricated by Vegas Steel Motorsports. Along with custom upper and lower a-arms it also features custom spindles with uniballs for more strength. The a-arms and spindles both use fully boxed 4130 steel. This kit can take a beating, and that is just what the owner does.

Soaking up the torture Jeremy puts his truck through is handled by FOX 2.5X10 coilovers. You will also see an upgraded heimed steering kit on the truck that is much stronger than what comes from the factory.

Moving to the rear of Jeremy’s prerunner you will see the factory bedsides have been flared to make room for the huge 35 in BFG Mud Terrain tires. Suspension wise there is still more work to be done, but you could not tell from Jeremy’s driving style. He has custom extended shackles out back with Bilstein 5150 reservoir shocks. Let me tell you for the price these Bilstein shocks seem to do really well in this Ranger.

The other simple mod you will notice on this prerunner is the simple prerunner bumper on the front. No bling here just function done in style.

Throughout this article I have mentioned, “Jeremy’s Driving Style”. These pics definitely tell the tale.

Last month I mentioned in the Aired Out Prerunner feature there was a mountain he climbed that was so steep and tall I could not believe he climbed it. In my disbelief I was not able to catch the action because I was trying to pick up my jaw from the ground. Well I was able to catch this 6 Over Prerunner charging the mountain.

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