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It’s simple; we are the only online magazine dedicated to Prerunners, Off-road Racing and Side x Sides.

Our goal along with providing our readers with the best quality content is to connect you with our readers.

Prerunner Maniac was built by one of the leading Media Companies in the Las Vegas area, and we have been helping business owners connect with customers and clients since 2000. Our slogan is, “Connecting Your Business to the World”.

We started Prerunner Maniac in April 2007 and already rank on the front page of just about every search engine for phrases that include “prerunner”.

Along with offering great prerunner feature vehicles we also cover all the Best in the Desert races, SNORE races, 2 SCORE races and we will cover LOORRS races.

Our goal with Prerunner Maniac is to make prerunners and off-road racing as mainstream as NASCAR.

This media kit was developed to introduce you to the broad array of highly effective marketing solutions available to you, through our online magazine, and through video sponsorship, project vehicle sponsorship and so much more!!!

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How to Build a Bedcage on a Ranger Prerunner Video

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