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Altering a Prerunner Bumper to Fit Larger LED Off-road Lights – FullDroopTV

In 2011 we stopped by the KC Hilites booth at SEMA when we saw what looked like LEDs but they were in the same housing as their new HIDs, and we were right.

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KC Hilites took their KC Pod that houses their HIDs and stuck two high power 17W LEDs inside. This gives you the low power consumption of LEDs with the range that you would get from and HID…WIN!!!

Currently we had a set of 6″ KC Hilites HIDs on our front prerunner bumper. The new LRZ LEDs just would not fit, so Austin cuts off the top hoops of our bumper to fabricate new hoops so our new LRZ LEDs would fit.

If you have raw steel on your bumper and it is plagued with rust, watch how we show you how to get rid of it with WD-40 and a scuff pad, it is really that easy.

After we got our fabrication done we headed to the desert at night to see how much light we get with the new LRZ LEDs from KC Hilites.

You’ll see what a difference they make from the factory Ranger headlights, now imagine 4 of these on the front of your race truck or sand rail, you could never out run this lights.

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