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Baja Bashing Ranger Prerunner

In the November issue of Prerunner Maniac we showed you the carnage of Eric’s prerunner in our Prerunner Carnage Column on his first trip to Baja. We felt a truck of this caliber deserved a feature to show you just what this prerunner is capable of.

Eric got into off-roading at the ripe old age of 16 where he bought a 98 4cyl Toyota Tacoma Prerunner and drove it pretty hard. Now 21 he bought this ’96 Extra-Cab Ford Ranger, and later found out what he truly bought.

“I bought this truck about 2 years ago. The front suspension was sort of hacked together, the engine cage needed to be replaced, and the front suspension geometry was off. It had a crappy front bumper with rusting Bolt lights. The rear leaf pack was missing leafs, de-arched, stock shackles, haggard shock hoops, and had rusting kings. The bedsides had been flared too much and was pulling the bedsides away from the cab. The wiring was a mess, the whole truck needed way more work than I was willing to put in. The problem was that most of this stuff I found out about after I bought the truck.”

Knowing there was no turning back Eric decided to rebuild the truck the right way.

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