Prerunner Features

Baja Bashing Ranger Prerunner

The interior of Eric’s Ranger prerunner features Beard Seats and a Sony head unit. Future interior mods will include a full cage and 5-point seat belts.

The motor is a 4.0 V-6 with a custom intake, and spent gases are exited through a Spintech exhaust.

Eric reports the truck has seen no major problems since he completed it. He has had only one minor problem while off-roading and that was caused by the ABS module coming loose and broke a hard line.

Since Eric is a resident of California he has put thousands of miles on his prerunner in places like: El mirage, Gorman, Lancaster, Johnson Valley, Barstow, Lucerne, Ocotillo, and his most recent trip to Baja (See the carnage).

Along with building this very functional prerunner Eric has made a few movies of his adventures. He is a film major at Cal State Long Beach and has made a couple movies recapping highlights of MDR Races and 2 DVDs of he and his friends. If Eric puts the same effort and heart into his movie making as he has with his prerunner we might just be looking at the next Martin Scorsese.

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