Benefits of Online Magazines


Why Are Online Magazines Better Than Print Magazines?

Online Magazines offer a more direct path to purchasing your products and services.

Remember the last time you needed a plumber for example, did you pick up the telephone book or did you go online? More and more people go online to find the products and services they need.

So how does this help you? Ok let’s take a look. Someone just watched an off-road race on TV and catches the “Dirt Bug”. They go online first to do research, “How can I have one of those?” In their search they come across an online magazine dedicated to the sport they are most interested. They find an article on installing a long travel suspension kit on their truck. Your company happens to produce the kit we are using for the article, and just like that your company has credibility. An online magazine that can use any kit they want chooses yours instead of the rest. The bottom of the article contains a source box with a direct link to your suspension kit. They click it and instantly are directed to purchase.

Print magazines give the reader too long to think about their next purchase. They see the ad, next they make a decision on when they can go to your place of business, then get in the car, battle traffic, then arrive at your business….

Sounds like a hassle to me, and I am sure you as well. Why do you think print advertisers all include their web address in their ad? Eliminate the “middle man” and advertise where you get the best return on your marketing investment.

Variety of Advertising Choices

Print media offers you a variety…1/2page ad, full-page ad and so on. Advertising in an online magazine gives you the flexibility that a print magazine can’t compete with.

Video, banner advertising to strengthen branding, content articles, also known as advertorials, with so many options to choose from, your message is guaranteed to be seen and heard.