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Best in the Desert Parker 425 2008

February 2nd marked the day of the start of the Best in the Desert Racing series with the Parker 425 in Parker Arizona, sponsored by the Blue Water Resort & Casino. This was our first time out to Parker and I have to say it is one of the best desert races I have witnessed. There are tons of spectator areas around the course, and there were a few extra miles added to the “Python” this year.

This race also saw one of the largest entry lists in the races history with over 300 entries. The course was a rough one too. Even after prerunning the course many racers talked about blind turns and ditches they did not remember. This caused a very high number of DNFs.

Racing started on California Avenue in Downtown Parker at 7:15am with the vehicles leaving on pavement before they hit the desert.

First off the line was the #40 Trick Truck of Chet Huffman, Jerry Whelchel and Kevin Murphy. Not only did they win the Trick Truck class they ended up taking first overall with a time of 7:15:35.

The second racer to start was the #11 Trick Truck of Dale Dondel, Mike Dondel, Jason Dudley and Joe Heger. They finished 10 minutes afterwards taking second in Trick Truck and second overall with a time of 7:25:51.

Starting third was Chuck Hovey in his 1501 Jimco car. He took first in his class 1500 and 3rd overall with a time of 7:34:38.

The fourth vehicle to leave was the #56 Trick Truck of Kevin McGillivray, Larry Roeseler, Robert Endress, and Robert Endress. They rounded out the top 3 in Trick Truck and took 4th overall for the day with a time of 7:45:29.

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