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Best in the Desert Parker 425 2009

I am starting to think that there is some kind of magic over the land of Parker that plays host to the Best in the Desert Bluewater Resort & Casino Parker “425”. With most of the land that racers tread on being Indian land, I wonder if the tribe does a little rain dance before the event?

This is our second year covering the season opener for Best in the Desert and last year the skies were cloudy the entire day. This year I bet the racers were hoping for at least the same weather. Unfortunately their wishes went unanswered.

Not having the proper rain gear for our camera equipment we were forced to leave after the first lap. Seeing the weather we encountered on our way back to Las Vegas told us this race was going to be crazy, and the results of the race really tell the story.

Most of the racers you normally see on top in the Best in the Desert races seemed to have some trouble passing the finish line, although the #31 Trick Truck driven by Andy McMillin found his way through the down pour.

This was a great moment for the McMillin crew, following up their win in last yearÂ’s season closing race in Henderson. Battling the elements and coming out on top is what desert racers live for. Andy McMillin crossed the finish line with an overall time of 7:31:14.

Crossing the finish line second was the #1570 car of Kory Halopoff with an overall time of 7:42:07. This time was also good for first place in Class 1500.

Third overall saw the solo driver Chuck Hovey in his #1518 car taking second in Class 1500 with a time of 7:57:34.

Fourth place overall and third in Class 1500 was the Wilson Motorsports team in the #1524 car driven by Ronny Wilson. Their overall time was 8:04:54.

Rounding out the top 5 finishers saw the Team Ford race team taking 2nd in Trick Truck and fifth overall in the #36 truck with a time of 8:11:11.

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