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Best in the Desert Parker 425 2009

Taking home the win in Class 1000 was Bryce Menzies and Larry Job in the Menzies Motorsports #1029 car with an overall time of 9:18:43.

Winners of Class 1100 was Rick St. John in the #1127 car with a time of 9:35:44.

Winning Class 8000 was Macrae Glass in the #8025 truck. He missed an even 10 hours by only 8 seconds. His time was 10:00:08.

Class 7200 saw Jason Ruane in the #7276 Ranger take the win with a time of 10:17:36.

The winner for Class 2000 with an overall time of 10:32:41 was Curt Geer in his #2007 car.

Winning once again in the Stock Full-size class, Class 8100 was Greg Foutz in the 8111 truck with a time of 12:50:22.

The #7120 Ranger of Desolate Motorsports driven by Erin Wahl took the win for Class 7100 with a time of 15:48:12. Erin only beat the second place finisher in class by 48 seconds.

Taking first in Class 1700 and first overall for the 2-lap classes saw Eric Helgeson in the 1708 Jeep with an overall time of 8:04:18.

Class 3700 winner with a time of 8:06:36 in the #3797 was driven by Jon Krellwitz.

Class 7300 saw Don Healy driving his #7302 Ranger to the win with a time of 11:28:44.

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