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Best in the Desert Parker 425 2010

Best in the Desert Parker 425 Race 2010

Well the Parker “Curse” was at it again. Clouds loomed over head as racers staged for the 2010 Best in the Desert season opener. Fortunately the rain held off until early afternoon, then it came down with a vengeance.

The weather seemed to beat most racers. Out of the 197 racers in the 3-Lap race only 65 finished. In the 2-Lap race 17 out of 43 racers finished.

The weather didn’t stop some racers like BJ Baldwin. He finished 20 minutes ahead of the pack with a time of 7:16:14.

Taking second overall and first in class was Steve Croll in the #1585 car with a time of 7:35:59.

Coming off his 2009 Trick Truck championship Andy McMillin with truck owner Steve Sourapas shocked a lot of people in the #6 Corona Trick Truck. They started 61st and “stormed” past everyone to take 3rd overall and second in Class 1400. Their time was 7:55:08

4th overall and 2nd in Class 1500 was the #1559 Jimco built car driven by Chris Appleton with a time of 8:05:47.

Rounding out our top 5 was Garrick Freitas in his #1572 Jimco car with a time of 8:05:55 just seconds out of 4th place.

More Top Finishers of the 3-Lap Race

Winning Class 1000 in his #1020 car was Corey Keysar with a time of 8:40:35. This was good for 12th overall.

Alan Hogan went to work on the 7200 class with his win of the day. His time was 8:43:33, good for 14th overall.

In Class 1100 Jake Jones finished the day with a win in his #1101 car. His time was 8:50:44 and it was good for 16th overall.

Macrae Glass did it once again in his #8025 KC Hilites sponsored Ford by taking the class win for Class 8000 and overall 19th place. His time was 8:56:21.

Class 5000 winner in the #5012 modified VW was David Ollis with a time of 9:40:39.

Class 2000 winner in the #2030 car was Kevin Smith with a time of 9:50:16.


Class 6000 or TrophyLite winner was Louis Chamberland in his 6001 truck with a time of 10:27:06.

Class 7100 was dominated by Blake Henn in his #7140 Ford being the only 7100 to finish the race. His time was 15:42:30.

Rounding out the top finishers was the #8108 Ford Stock Full truck driven by Tim Casey. Again the only finisher in his class, his time was 17:03:21.

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