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Best in the Desert Terribles 250 2009

Six a.m. was the start of the 2009 TerribleĀ’s 250 where the slower classes ran 2 laps and later in the afternoon the faster classes ran 3 laps.

The air was very still in the morning making it difficult for racers to see, but it did not seem to bother them too much as most of the carnage happened in the afternoon 3 lap race.

Mike Williams in the #1133 car started the day off leaving the line first and had clear air for the first lap. Being that this course is a 72 mile lap course he soon caught up to the slower racers. He held onto to the first place position taking the overall and the first in class 1100 with a time of 4:07:35.

Matthew Kupiec in the 1102 car took second overall for the morning race and second in 1100 finishing a whole 10 minutes after Williams with a time of 4:18:02.

Rounding out the top 3 for the morning saw Bryan Folks in the 1178 car, son of BITD Promoter Casey Folks, with an overall time of 4:22:59.

Other Top Finishers for Race 1

Karl Scanlan in the 3018 car took first for class 3000P with a time of 4:28:49


Paul Kurtz took first overall for class 2000 in his 2078 car with a time of 4:43:39.

First in class 8100, #8133 John Griffin finished with an overall time 4:57:56.

Taking 1st in class 7100 saw Wayne Demonja in his 7137 truck with a time of 5:09:56.

7300 class winner Kellon Walch in his 7384 truck had a time of 4:16:03.

Class 1700 winner, Ray Griffith had an overall time of 3:36:26 (2-laps)

Class 3700 was won by Greg Jackson in his 3738 Jeep with a time of 4:09:25 (2-laps).

John Sutherland drove his #4102 Ford Expedition to win Class 4100 with a time of 4:02:49 (2-laps).

Winning the UTV race was racer Mark Holz in his #1932 RZR with a time of 1:52:04

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