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Best in the Desert Terribles 250 2009

Race 2 – Classes 1000, 1200, 1400, 1500, 7200, 8000

Race 2 started around Noon where we saw Jerry Whelchel charge hard off the line with Andy McMillin close behind.

Even in the afternoon dust was a problem as Whelchel came upon a stuck 7200 truck and ran right into it. After backing up to unhinge himself, McMillin didn’t see him and sent him right back under the 7200 truck, that ended Whelchel’s day.

With only 55 miles left in the race Pistol Pete Sohren got a flat that took him longer than expected to change. This gave Rick Johnson the chance to pass and he held the lead for the reminder of the race. Johnson’s overall time in his #71 Trick Truck was 3:43:18.

What really made this race unique was that Casey Folks made part of the course go on the “CORR” track on the backside of Buffalo Bills. Here you could really see the difference between desert and short course race trucks.

Johnson’s overall time in his #71 Trick Truck was 3:43:18.

Taking second overall was Pete Sohren in the #2 Trick Truck with a time just 2 minutes off the leader at 3:35:11.

Chuck Dempsey took the win for class 1500 and 3rd overall with his #1528 car. His overall time was 3:45:48.

Steve Raskett followed for 2nd in Unlimited Buggy and 4th overall in his #1546 car just 2 minutes after Dempsey with a time of 3:47:39.

Andy McMillin rounded out the top 5 after his little crash with Whelchel earlier in the day. This also ended McMillin’s winning streak at 3 overall wins. McMillin’s time was 3:48:03.

Bryce Menzies took home the win for Class 1000 in his 1029 car with a time of 4:23:54.

Class 8000 winner Macrae Glass in his 8025 truck had a time of 4:30:09

Class 1200 ProTruck winner Ryan Statts finished with a time of 4:30:14.

Winning Class 7200 was Jason Ruane in his 7276 truck with a time of 4:38:21.

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