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Best in the Desert Terribles Henderson 400 2007

December 1 st marked the start of the last race of the season for the Best in the Desert Racing Association, and there were perfect conditions for racing.

It had rained, no flooded, in the Las Vegas valley on Friday during tech held in the Henderson downtown area. All the drivers were getting creative with their umbrellaing of their vehicles as they waited to have them inspected. We saw people carrying EZ-Ups over trucks and some simply had umbrellas sticking out of the windshields of their buggies.

Normally the Henderson course is quite dusty being so close to the dry lake bed (that was under a foot of water on race day), but on race day it was nice and moist. these conditions made for some really fast and exciting racing since dust was not an issue.this race had the racers running 4, 3, or 2 laps depending on their class.this made for some interesting mixing of vehicles on the course.


the start of the race began at 7:45am with the number one qualifier Chuck Hovey in the number 1518 Jimco car. Hovey was also the first to cross the finish line. His overall time was only 5:59:46.


Taking 2nd overall and 2nd in class 1500 was Shawn Croll, Ray Croll and Brandon Johnson in the #1586 car with an overall time of 6:03:39.


Third overall went to the first place finisher in Trick Truck, Steve Olliges, Wayne Lugo, Bart Walker and Derek Tenney in the Team Ford #36 truck with a time of 6:28:39.


4th overall went to Ron Whitton, Garron Cadient, Gerald King and Brian Godfrey the second place finishers in Trick Truck. they had an overall time of 6:43:48 in the #39 Ford truck.


5th overall and 3rd in Trick Truck went to Bruce and Glen Greer, Brad Kline and Mike Kerr in the #37 Dodge with a total time of 6:44:56

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