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Bilek 300 Time Trail Results

Time Trails for the Bilek Racing Silver State 300 were held Thursday September 25, 2008 on a private farm in the Mesquite, Nevada area.

Here are the top ten finishers:

1 Sam Berri 1500
2 Chuck Hovey 1500
3 Joshua Daniel 1500
4 Charles McDowell 1500
5 Chet Huffman 1400
6 Chuck Sacks 1500
7 Chuck Dempsey 1500
8 Steve Olliges 1400
9 Steve Croll 1500
10 Steve Raskett 1500

The "Team Ford Time Trails Pole Award" of $1,000 cash is paid to Sam Berri. Team Ford Las Vegas are sponsors of the award, Steve Olliges, president of Team Ford, said, "My congratulations to Sam Berri. Best in the Desert is the only racing organization that runs Time Trails for the top starting positions.  To qualify for the top starting position, and get $1,000 in cash – that’s the way to start a race!"


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