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Brandon Arthur A Bright Young Star in Off-Road Racing

Brandon Arthur Interview

A lot of new racers in desert racing get their start after being exposed to it since their childhood, and 16 year old Brandon Arthur is no different. His self-built bright yellow F-100 1450 truck and the unique sound of his V-8 motor gets your attention, then you see how well this young guy can drive.

Brandon Arthur jumping his 1450 race truck

We first saw this F-100 screaming up a whooped out section just outside the start in a Laughlin race. The sound that emits from this trucks motor doesn’t sound like anything you have ever heard in the desert. Because of this we decided to reach out to Brandon to learn more about him and his F-100.

Here is a Q&A session we had with Brandon to see what drives him in the sport of Off-Road Racing.

PM – What sparked your interest in Off-road Racing?
BA – I have been around off-road racing my whole life. My dad Todd Arthur and my Co-driver/ Uncle Donny Kerr have been racing each other for many years. I grew up in the shop watching them work. I started testing cars for them so they could see how the car was working. When I got my first off-road car the only way I could drive it is if I could keep up with them and get good grades in school.

PM – I see you are a self-taught fabricator and mechanic, what was the process of acquiring these skills?
BA – I learned a lot of my skills from my dad and my uncle. I have been in automotive class at my school for two years now. I got second place in power equipment in statewide competition my freshmen year of high school.

PM – Looking at your truck you could’ve have easily stepped up to a Pro class, what made you decide to race 1450?
BA – We decided to do 1450 class because it was the first year I was going to start all the races. We did some drive races and some MDR races but this is my first series I’m going after the championship.

PM – Without giving away all your secrets, what gives your motor that unique sound?
BA – We have 180 degree headers with a custom 8 into 1 header with 4 inch Dynomax Performance muffler, single pipe that we built in our shop.

PM – What made you choose to build on old F-100? Many young people your age don’t even know what an F-100 is.
BA – I remember growing up and watching Robby Gordon race in his old trucks. I have always liked the look of the older body style.

PM – With your current set-up, is there anything you would like to change on your truck?
BA – We currently have 3 inch 3-tube Fox Shox bypasses in the front and we are working with Fox Shox to get 3.5 inch for the front. We are taking the shocks off the back of the truck to get them re sprung and make the truck work better.

PM – Looking at the footage in your video you seem to be a fairly aggressive driver. Have you had any close calls?
BA – I wrecked the truck testing before we had even raced it. My uncle went through the bridge testing for a race. We blew a motor pre-running for a race and caught the truck on fire.

PM – I see from your profile you eventually want to step up to Trophy Truck or a Pro-4, how do you plan to achieve those goals?
BA – We are in the testing stages of our new trophy truck for 2013. Hopefully with the success of this season we can get some support to help us accomplish our goals. I started racing in short course. I like the style of racing that short course has. I would like to go back to short course racing if I get the opportunity to do so.

PM – Has there been anyone that has influenced you in your career so far?
BA – I grew up watching Robby Gordon; he has always been an innovator doing his own stuff, and everyone knows when he shows up to the track that they are in for a race. I have always liked Rob MacCachren’s driving style, he is really smooth. He has a chance to win no matter what truck or car he gets in. Andy McMillin is one of the fastest guys out there right now.

PM – What’s next for Brandon Arthur? Do you have any immediate things you a looking to accomplish?
BA – We are looking to win the championship in the HDRA series this year.

There you have it, a look into one of the brightest young stars of Off-Road Racing. If Brandon keeps this up we will definitely see him on the podium more often.


Photos by Bink Designs

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