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Championship Off Road Racing (CORR)

One of the troubles with being a spectator of offroad desert racing is waiting. Because of the unpredictable nature of the sport there could be an hours time between two vehicles, one goes by and 50 minutes later another. If you like offroad racing and you’re a little impatient then CORR is right for you.

Championship Off Road Racing (CORR) combines the action of desert racing in a motocross environment. Raced on a closed course offroad track CORR is non-stop excitement.

CORR is divided into two series, Pro and Sportsman. The Pro Series is composed of three divisions: Pro 4 – Full-size 4wd race trucks, V8 engines, 800 HP; Pro 2 – Full-size 2wd race trucks, V8 engines, 800 HP; and Pro Lite – Compact/Mid-size 2wd race trucks, 4 cylinder engines, 300+ HP. The Sportsman Series is made up of two buggy divisions: Single Buggy — Limited to a 1600cc VW Type 1 engine; and Super Buggy – Featuring a 1650cc water cooled power plant.

CORR’s roots are in southern California where the majority of the races happen, but the good news for the 2007 season is in an effort to expand its reach in the offroad-racing scene CORR will have 2 races outside California; one is Dallas, TX and one in Las Vegas, NV.

What Can I Expect at a CORR Race?

Adrenaline-inducing excitement best describes it. Racers start in a similar fashion to motocross only they are not in one straight line, generally rows of 3-across. The start of every race is a drag race, rooster tails are flying as these 800 HP beasts launch off the line all trying to gain first place heading into turn 1. This is where the excitement begins as offroad racers turn into bumper-car drivers. As you watch the race certain tracks have their own unique pitfalls. One of the races I saw had a wide sloping turn in front of the grandstands where a driver bumped sideways into another racer and their tires caught catapulting the driver on the outside 10-15 feet in the air twirling like a stunt driver in an action movie. Fortunately a large expanse of chain link fence protects the spectators from these kinds of mishaps. For repair and installation and to learn About our fence company in Austin, TX, you can click here! Jumping, sliding, and bumping are all part of the action of a CORR race, and best of all you get to see the whole race.

Look for complete coverage of the upcoming Las Vegas CORR race scheduled for Nov. 3 through the 4th at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

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