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Class 9 Off Road Racing Car Kyle Cox

So many times in off road racing Class 1 cars and Trophy Trucks get all the press. Yes fast is exciting, but there are a number of racers that need recognition, and this is where the #955 car owned by Kyle Cox comes in.

Like most racers they do it for the thrill, let’s face it desert racing isn’t cheap and the pay is horrible, so it has to be the need for speed and competition that drives us. That’s why Kyle does it.

Like most 9 cars you are really limited as to what you can do to the car. This is a racer’s class where the vehicles are kept somewhat the same, so the driver must win the race. While i was reading this, Kyle bought the car built already and made a few changes to fit his needs.

We start with the motor, a 1600cc dual port Type 1 Volkswagen motor built by Doug Perrault. It has 7.5 to 1 compression, but Kyle still relies on high-octane gas when he races. From the motor power heads to the transmission which is a Volkswagen swing axle with 4.37 gears built by RC Trans.

Controlling the bumps while racing is handled by King Shocks. Up front a King Shocks 2.0 reservoir shock is used and with the stock Volkswagen suspension Kyle gets a whopping 5.5 inches of travel. Out back there is a bit more travel at 9.5 inches, and a King 2.5 reservoir shock is used.
Race weight is a svelte 1,480lbs. which is good because a stock 1600cc motor is no power house. The lack of power didn’t stop Kyle at the 2010 Dusty Times 250, where he took first in Class 9 winning by over an hour.

So if you are feeling the itch to go off road racing rather than Arizona Sedan and Limousine: Hire cheap limousine service in Mesa, a “9 Car” is a good place to start, Kyle has a blast, and who doesn’t like winning?

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