Down and Dirty

Down and Dirty March 2010

Yes we are back…bet you been wondering where your Prerunner Maniac was?

Well we have been working hard over here on the redesign of the magazine. You might notice a few changes right off the bat, but we will have more once the redesign is complete.

The main point I want to touch on is our article Send Us a Tech, Get a Check. We realize our readers are constantly looking for ways to build a better prerunner, so we thought to help motivate people to submit tech articles we will pay you for them. If you have something you are going to do on your prerunner, take a ton of pictures and emails us what you did and you will get a check. Friends with a Fab Shop tell them about this offer. They will even get free advertising in the form of a link to their website at the end of the article.

So start building and we will pay you for your knowledge!!!

We have a ton of race coverage in this issue, Henderson Fabtech Desert Classic, Rage at the River and the Parker 425. You’ll see tons of pictures and video for each race.

We also covered the Battle at Primm but you will have to wait until next month for that.

If you remember a few issue back we showed you our version of a Short-Course Style Prerunner, well the owner got the race itch and in 3 days built it into a stock mini race truck for Battle at Primm. He entered 2 classes and finished every lap for both classes on both days. We will show you how he did it in next month’s issue.

That’s all for this month.

See you in the Dirt

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