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Dumont Dunes Halloween Weekend 2008

Dumont Halloween Weekend 2008

Halloween is generally the kick-off date of the dune season at Dumont. The reason is this is when it starts to cool off there.

Some of you might recognize this prerunner. This is the old Woolworth Motorsports Ranger Prerunner.

This year it was plenty cool. Overcast and rainy conditions did not seem to curve the crowd’s enthusiasm for duning.

Yes throughout the day the rain came and went which was really a blessing as it settled the dust rather quickly. The rain was just part of the action as we even saw people lighting fires in it…just needed more gas.

We spent most of the day at Comp Hill. This is the hot spot for most of the action at Dumont.

The Maniac award has to go to the owner of this bone stock Ford Expedition. Not only did we see him race a Dodge truck backwards up Comp Hill, but on our way back to camp over the whoop section leading from Comp Hill this guy blasted by us in our RZR like it was a silky smooth highway. Even over the noise of our RZR’s engine we could hear the metal crunch as he past us.

We plan on bringing you more coverage at Dumont through the rest of the season. Be sure to check back in a later issue for more exciting action from Dumont.

Sick Black Rail Pulling a Wheelie Up Comp Hill

Here are some more great shots of the day

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