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Explorer Prerunner Rear Suspension

The rear suspension build on our Explorer prerunner for the first episode of Pump My Prerunner consists of:

  • Deaver Long Travel Leaf Springs
  • Radflo Remote Reservoir Shocks

We started with removing all the factory suspension parts, factory shocks, leaf springs, and on Explorers there is a small kicker shock that acts like a track bar.

We also had to remove the factory spare tire and the towing hitch (we cut this up to incorporate into our custom rear bumper).

With the rear-end supported by the jack the factory leafs springs were removed and replaced with the Deaver Long Travel Leaf Springs.

Next the Radflo Remote Reservoir Shocks were installed in the factory locations. We used the brace from the spare tire carrier to mount the reservoirs. We also had to get a 90 degree elbow for the reservoirs so they did not come in contact with the floor of the Explorer at the upper factory mount.

What impressed us the most about these shocks before we even got behind the wheel was the large diameter shock shaft. These shocks are definitely durable and made to take all the abuse you can throw at them.

We were kind of shocked when we set the Explorer down for the first time. The Deaver Springs had not settled and the Explorer looked like a monster truck. After we drove it for the first time they settled to a good ride height.

The Deaver Springs and Radflo Shocks performed well together. The key with Explorer Springs from Deaver is they start with a Ranger Race Pack and shorten the main spring to fit the Explorer. This helps to compensate for the extra weight of the SUV. So far we have driven the Explorer about 40mph over chatter bumps and small whoops and the rear has been very predictable, not wondering or pogo sticking at all. This is common if you do not match the springs and shocks to fit the weight of the vehicle.

Overall unless we go all out and link the rear-end, I don’t think we could have put together a better suspension for the rear of our Explorer prerunner.


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