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Extreme Motorsports Expo 2007 Coverage

The Extreme Motorsports Expo 2007 is the 5th year for this great event. It is held at the Orange County Fair Grounds in Costa Mesa CA. Let me tell you if you like anything offroad this is a must see event. It offers everything for the offroad enthusiast like long travel sand cars, lifted golf carts, highly modified side x sides like Rhinos, prerunners and giant lifted trucks.

The long travel rhinos and sandrails were impressive, but we were there for the prerunners. We started our day by visiting the Woolworth Motorsports booth. This should be obvious to our regular readers as they are the builders of the Prerunner Maniac Desert 4×4 Project Ford Ranger. They had their “Shop Truck” a 2006 Ranger with the Dixon Long Travel kit and the custom bedcage built in house, there along with a 1400 race truck they built and maintain (this is the same truck that graces the header of this site). After a little chitchat is on to meet with the other vendors.

Our next stop was at Wicked Carts booth. They specialize in building some of the most extreme lifted golf carts we have come across. I call these things sand limos as they featured hi-powered stereos, room for all your friends with some great custom paint. Through the rollcage of the green and black cart we caught sight of a HUGE H2 SUT.

This was in the Gibson Exhaust booth. Check out the attention to detail featured on this sport utility truck. Next to the H2 was a Super Duty that made the H2 look like a toy. It was sporting Interco’s new 54” tires. I had my Wife (she’s 5’2”) in this picture just to show you how big this truck is.

Next it was on to the Dirt Alliance booth. These guys came prepared with a variety of prerunners. After speaking with one of the guys behind DA we are hoping to get an in-depth look at his new Chevy prerunner.

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