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Extreme Motorsports Expo 2007 Coverage

After a bite to eat we headed over to the Giant Motorsports booth. I felt these guys came to do business as one of their trucks they brought had some simple signs on them that told you the part and the price to have it fabbed/installed. That for us was the best way to sell your services.

Heading back past the DA booth with their dancing girls on top of their toy hauler a funny thing happened. While looking at a nicely built prerunner in the Custom booth, I looked up and ran into my old neighbor that had moved away some 5 years ago. He moved to the opposite end of Las Vegas and we had not been able to keep in touch. This guy made some awesome hot rods in his garage (that’s how we met) and after 5 years and we end up in Costa Mesa at the same time. Funny how these things happen.

The Custom Motorsports crew came with their guns a blazin’. Not only did they bring this cool custom Ranger prerunner, they also had on display an F-650. The bottom of the door was almost 5 feet in the air.

We headed over to see this quad that caught our eye from a distance. I could not imagine how much the paint job on this thing was, but it was a sight to see.

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