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Extreme Motorsports Expo 2007 Coverage

By far the most impressive booth had to be the Full Potential Offroad booth. Talk about rolling out the red carpet these guys were there to impress. Their main focus for the show was to show off their hybrid prerunners, some would call these Truggies. A graceful blend of prerunner and sand rail these 2 vehicles got the Prerunner Maniac Top Honors Award. These pics are just a taste of the full feature we will have in an upcoming issue.

The day was warming up after the clouds started to dissipate. This seemed like the right time to head inside some of the buildings to get out of the heat and see some sick sand cars.

Inside one of the buildings was Funco Motorsports, builders of some of the craziest sandrails to ever hit the dunes. After looking at their ‘rails I see why they carry the price tags they do. The beauty and skill that goes into building one of these sandrails justifies it completely.

Another leader in the sand sports industry is Sandstorm Fabrication. The plush interior of this 4-seater was more lush than those seen inside most Bentley’s.

Just behind Sandstorm was RAW Motorsports. It was hard to get good pictures of their sand car, as the crowds were overwhelming.

Lonestar Racing brought a nice custom Rhino in their booth.

The vendors we featured here are just a handful of what is on sight at the Extreme Motorsports Expo. From Toy Hauler dealers to LED whip flags it offer something for everyone. It was definitely worth the trip to Costa Mesa.

See you next year at the Expo!!!

Hey be sure to check out our gallery where you will find a lot more pictures of the event.

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