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F150 Raptor Factory Long Travel Prerunner

Well prerunner fans it seems you will be able to buy a long travel F-150 right from your Ford dealer in 2009.

Codename: Raptor, Ford has been developing a new version of the F-150 with a long travel suspension kit and specially designed shocks from FOX Shox. Most of the spy photos have camouflage on them but you can clearly see the bulged fenders and the lifted stance. It is also rumored that it will come with 35’s on it.

Engine wise it has been said Ford might include a turbocharged version of the new Boss V8, and to help that power get to the ground we might see a “selectable locker” for the rear-end since Ford will be offering a selectable electronic locker for 2009. Most people think a helical style limited slip differential would be better since its benefits can be had on the road and in the dirt.

Another addition Ford should consider is a simple roll cage. I get the feeling that there might be a lot of these Raptors in the wrecking yards after people with lots of money and no brains buy one and wad it up on their first time out because air bags won’t help you when you are upside down.

I think this is a promising change for the truck industry. It shows that the big automakers are really listening to what the public is looking for. Imagine being able to finance your prerunner.

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