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Fabers’ Sites Are Ugly

Starting this site I have visited a lot of Fabricators’ websites. One thing I found they almost all have in common is they are UGLY.

I myself am a Web Designer that loves Prerunners. Just like when a Fabricator sees an ugly weld I can’t stand seeing an ugly site.

You might ask yourself if a Fab shop is charging thousands of dollars to create a four-link for your truck they might hire someone with the skills to make a site that matches their fab skills. After interviewing a Fabricator I was told, “Well I am used to doing everything myself”. I said, “Well it shows”.

Doing business on the web is just like brick and mortar. Do you want an ugly Fab shop? No you want people to have the image that you are rock solid and know what you are doing. Same thing holds true for your site.

When visiting a site that builds some of the sickest long-travel buggies in the Sand Sports world I came upon a splash page that asks you to enter their Low-fi site or their Hi-fi site. Curiosity was peaked so I click on the Hi-fi version. Once inside I see a cube spinning with sand rails on each side. It was completely unusable. I had no idea how to navigate the site. This is a company that asks people to spend $75,000 for their ‘rails and yet their site was hideous.

You know I like doing for myself, but you don’t see me going out to the garage and hacking up my truck with a new plasma cutter. I believe everyone has their strengths. If a Faber is sick do they plan on doing surgery on themselves? I don’t think so.

Let’s band together and get Fabers to hire a Design Firm to create a site that reflects their skills as Fabricators. Send them your comments and let them know what you think about their ugly website.

There is a saying in advertising, “It is better to not advertise than to advertise poorly”. The same thing holds true for the Web.

Great Fabricators’ Websites

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