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Fabtech Ranger Edge Spindle Lift Install

There are a lot of people that would like to enjoy the look of a prerunner for their truck, but don’t have a few thousand to put into them. A great way to get the look on a budget is with a Spindle Lift Kit.

Here we will show you how to install the Fabtech Ranger Edge Spindle Lift Kit on a Ranger. The install was masterfully handled by Robby Woolworth of Woolworth Motorsports. He has done so many of these I swear he could do it with his eyes closed. I don’t recommend you doing this with your eyes closed, but it is not as hard as you might think.

Notice how little clearance there is for larger wheels and tires. The owner bought this Ranger as you see it here with 20’s on it.

The first step after getting the front of the Ranger jacked up and supported on jack stands the front wheels were removed.

Next you will need to remove the tie-rod from the spindle, then the ABS sensor. Then it is time to remove the caliper and brake rotors from the spindle.

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