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Fiberglass Fenders for an Explorer Prerunner

Every prerunner has to have fiberglass fenders. It your prerunner is being built from a truck then you will probably need fiberglass bedsides. For our Explorer prerunner we knew exactly who to call, Glassworks Unlimited.

Glassworks has be producing top quality fiberglass fenders, bedsides and one piece front clips for years. You will be amazed once you get yours at how easy they are to install. They mimic the factory fenders so well you will need little prep work to get them aligned and installed on your prerunner.

The fiberglass fender we have are a unique product. Glassworks originally made these for Baker Motorsports, and we were allowed to get a set for our own Explorer.

Since these fenders are made for a race truck, they have a bit more aggressive bulge and contour. When you view them from the front they look like the hood of a cobra snake. This makes for a very aggressive look to the front of our Explorer prerunner.

After getting them mooched up on the vehicle we sent them and the Explorer over to A&S Motorsports for final fitment and paint.

Johnny Koeth owner of A&S Motorsports not only fit the fenders and painted them, but he noticed how bad the paint on our hood and front doors were and hooked those up too.

You can see from the last image how much our Explorer shines now.

First was the lower u shaped tube that will be the lower mount for the front skid plate.


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