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Fixing Your Truck’s Body with Fiberglass Panels

Fixing your truck with fiberglass fenders

Most people that decide to build a prerunner already have in mind that they are going to using fiberglass fenders and fiberglass bedsides. What if you have a 4X4 daily driver with a smashed fender? Have you thought of using fiberglass fenders instead of replacing or fixing your factory metal fenders?

Fiberglass and Off-road go together like peanut butter and jelly. Unlike metal when you push on or hit fiberglass panels there is a slight bit of “give” which means less body damage to your truck.

Along with the give factor of fiberglass there are a few other benefits you will receive by using them.

First off, you want bigger tires, but you still have to drive your truck on the street. An outrageous suspension lift is out of the question if you do a lot of highway driving. Fiberglass fenders and bedsides can give you the room you need without jacking your truck up to the moon. With only about 3 inches of lift built into most long-travel suspension kits you can fit a 35” tire under a Ford Ranger that has fiberglass on it front and rear. Using factory sheet metal you have to put that kind of lift on an F-150 to fit a 35”.

The next thing you will notice is the weight savings by using fiberglass body panels. If you start adding things to your truck like a new bumper, bigger tires, or maybe some off-road lights, your truck will get heavier. The more weight your truck has to lug around the worse your gas mileage will be. Using fiberglass is like Jenny Craig for your truck.

So next time you think about going to the junk yard to find a fender or bed to replace what you have, consider replacing the panels with fiberglass ones, you won’t be sorry.


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