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GPS Visualizer converts GPS files to Google Earth Files

GPS Visualizer allows you to see the race course from a bird’s eye view.

Since Google released Google Earth people have been able to see the world in a whole new way…just like a bird sees it. Well now you can get that same view of the race course.

Introducing GPS Visualizer. GPS Visualizer converts GPS files to just about any type of file you can imagine. The conversion we use is for Google Earth. Just upload the GPS file and it makes a link that you can open in Google Earth.

Here are a few images we grabbed screen shots of so you can see the detail.

Now here’s how to use it…

First you want to select from the drop down box the output format. Then browse on your computer to the GPS file to upload. Click Go and that is it.

Here you will see a link to a .kmz file, click that and it will open Google Earth for viewing

You must already have Google Earth installed for this to work, but it is free and you can get it by following this link to Google Earth. Your pit crews can even use this tool to make a Google Map of the course so they can see the best routes to various pits along the race course.

Now there is a more detailed conversion process you can try, that allows you show waypoints or not, change the color overlay of the course, you can name it and save it to your computer and a ton more.
Visit: Convert your GPS data for use in Google Earth.

This is a free tool but it does take money to pay for the hosting of the site so show some love and either give him a donation by clicking his donation icon or visit one of his advertisers so we can keep this invaluable tool online.



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