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Hendersons FabTech Desert Classic

Exciting New Course For ’08 Features Grand Prix Infield Section.

The 2008 Henderson’s FabTech Desert Classic race format is going to be totally different from the last four years. The race will still start in the same location on private property out in the Eldorado Valley, 15 miles from downtown Henderson, but will feature a brand new grand prix course in the infield. The infield will offer a great place for spectators, where you can watch racing all day long. The new, fun and challenging race course will be about 55 miles in length and all race vehicles will be racing on the same exciting course. There will be one large pit area for everyone, with the exciting infield track in the middle, and will no longer be two separate pit areas for motorcycle/quad/utv’s and car/trucks,

The new format will be running three separate races. The first race will start at 6:30 am with the motorcycles, quads and UTVs starting and racing. The 2nd race and 3rd race start times are approximate depending on the time the previous race vehicles reach a certain mile marker and it is safe to start the next race. Below are the class divisions and time designations:

1st Race – 6:30 am – Motorcycle, Quads & UTVs – The motorcycles and quads will race around an approximate 55 mile loop four times, with a grand prix finish. The UTVs will race around the approximate 55 mile loop two times with a grand prix finish.

2nd Race – (approx) 10:00 am – Class 1100, 1700, 2000, 3100, 3700, 4100, 5000, 7100, 7300, 8100. These classes will race around an approximate 55 mile loop four times, with a grand prix finish.

3rd Race – (approx) 2:00 pm – Class 1000, 1200, 1400, 1500, 7200, 8000. These classes will race around an approximate 55 mile loop four times, with a grand prix finish. Special Note: some classes will have more than one race vehicle start at the same time.

Time Trails for classes 1500 and Trick Trucks will be held on Thursday afternoon at an undisclosed location, with the pole winner taking home the Team Ford Pole Award of $1,000 cash, paid at the driver’s meeting.

Get ready for an exciting new Henderson’s FabTech Desert Classic! The City of Henderson and FabTech welcomes you to this exciting area that’s just minutes from the glitter of the Strip and a few miles from the serenity of Mount Charleston. The city of Henderson offers an oasis retreat in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Referred to as the other side of southern Nevada, the city of Henderson is nestled among three of the most renowned man-made attractions – the neon of Vegas, the engineering marvel of Hoover Dam, and the tranquil beauty of Lake Mead.


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