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How to Build a Bedcage on a Ranger Prerunner – FullDroopTV

Here you can see the first tab tacked in place.

This is the first of the upright tubes. We are grinding a “U” shape into the end so it can be welded to our lower tube.

Here you can see the final shape of the U and we are tacking it in place.

Here is our upper tube getting tacked in place.

More tubes being tack welded. Once the bedcage is all tacked together we will remove it for final welding.

Here is one side done. Now time for the other side.

Test fitting the second hoop.

We are marking the hole to be made for the upper shock mount. Use a magnetic angle finder to set the shock’s angle at 30 degrees.

We use a puch to start the hole for the upper shock mount.

Then we use a small drill.

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