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How to Build a Bedcage on a Ranger Prerunner – FullDroopTV

Then a larger drill bit for the final hole size.

Here is the final hole for our bung to fit in.

Here is the bung in place.

A nut is welded to the other side of the bung.

We weld a washer to a small length of tube.

This makes the other side of the upper mount.

Next weld another piece of tube from the front wall to the new outer mount we just made. This will create a double-shear mounting point.

We are cutting out to pieces of plate steel as a brace between the 2 upper tubes.

We are going to use a 1.5 inch dimple die so we needed 3- 1.5 inch holes.

The 2 pieces of the die go on either side of the metal and will be pressed inside a hydraulic press.

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