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How to Build a Bedcage on a Ranger Prerunner – FullDroopTV

Pressing the dies into the metal.

Here is what it looks like after the first dimple is pressed.

Now we tack them into place.

Still tacking.

We removed the entire bedcage to finish weld all joints. This gives us access to every part of the cage.

Here we are putting the cage back together.

With our prerunner back on the lift to droop out the rear suspension we can now mount the limit straps.

Here is our lower mount for the limit strap. We used a tab and welded it to the lower spring perch.

Here it is mounted.

This is the final bedcage.

It was time for new tires so we got a set of new BF Goodrich Mud Terrains. The new tred pattern (on left) really helps reduce noise on the highway and increases traction.

In the next episode of FullDroopTV we will be removing the rear bumper and building a new prerunner bumper with an integrated tire carrier.

In a future episode we will be changing our front prerunner bumper. We got a set of KC Hiltes’ new LZR LED lights that are mounted in their KC Pods, and they are too big for the front hoop of our bumper. We will cut that off, mount the new LEDs and fabricate a new hoop for the bumper.

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