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Imagine a Long Travel Hummer Prerunner

I’m sure you might have seen the TV show where they took an old Chevy Suburban and turned it into a burly Hummer tow rig. Well the same company, 4X4, that makes the Hummer body now makes one for Ford Rangers.

This got me thinking…what if we took this body kit, place it on a 2004 Ford Ranger chassis like our project Desert Ranger and put the Dixon Bros Racing kit on it with a bedcage in the rear?

Holy Cow a long-travel Hummer prerunner, how sick is that?

Using Project Desert Ranger for covering races gets cramped at times even with the extra cab. Using 4X4 Bodies Hummer body kit would give me more interior room, 4 doors and still a functional bed.

This new body features 4X4 Bodies new Quick Swap feature that allows you to leave the dash, firewall, steering, and pedals in place. All bodies are constructed of precision cut, 14-gauge, high-grade domestic steel built over a structural tubing subframe. Computer controlled equipment and state of the art digital design drawings are used to ensure the highest quality and consistency.

Doors, hood, and rear fender inserts are high-quality, gel-coat finished fiberglass composite. Every kit comes with full factory support, backed with the knowledge and expertise to help you as you build your project.

This gets us so excited…we might just have to build one ourselves.

If you too would like to build a Hummer from an old pickup or SUV without the $60,000 price tag, then visit today. There you will see actual examples of their customers’ build long with pricing information and option. You can even finance it and pay over time.

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