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Installing a Long Travel Kit on our Silverado Prerunner – FullDroopTV

In this episode of FullDroopTV we install an LSK long travel suspension kit on our Silverado prerunner.

One of the key features of a prerunner is the long travel suspension kit you install. This gives you the ability to soak up any bump in the dirt.

We found a new company, LSK Suspension, that just released a kit for our Silverado and had them send us one for the show.

The LSK Suspension kit features:

  • 1″ uniballs in the fully fabricated upper control arms
  • 1.5″ uniballs in the fully boxed lower control arms
  • heimed steering
  • 93″ final track width
  • fabricated spindles
  • and best of all the entire kit is fully bolt-on.

When you order your kit from them you also get an adaptor to install the 8″ coil-over shock into the factory coil-over upper mounting location. With our build we wanted to run a 10″ coil-over to get a little more travel, so we fabricated custom upper shock mounts.

For shocks we chose a 2.5×10″ coil-over with remote reservoirs from Sway Away. We are running a 700lb main spring and a 350lb tender spring on top. This should give us a nice soft ride to handle anything we throw at it.

Another requirement of installing this long travel kit was we needed longer brake line. Since the LSK kit is about 5 inches wider than stock our stock brake lines weren’t long enough. So we contacted Crown Performance for the 12 Plus kit which includes all the brake lines for the front and rear of our prerunner, and they are 12″ longer than the stock ones to allow our suspension to move freely without getting hung up.

In an upcoming episode we will take this Silverado to the desert and show you what it can do.

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