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Installing KC HiLites 6 inch HID Offroad Lights

When we first started Project Desert Ranger I had a set of 6” KC Daylighters which seemed impressive compared to the factory Ranger lights. After adding the FOX remote reservoir shocks to the rear (and of course the Dixon kit in front) we were able to go faster off-road and this included the night time as well.

KC HiLites 6 inch HID Off-Road Lights

Now we found ourselves out-running our halogen lights. We talked to our friend at KC HiLites and he recommended a set of 6 inch HIDs. We chose their spot versions to get the long range we needed.

Since we already had the Daylighters before, the install of our HIDs was a snap because the switch inside the cab was already run and the relays were in place as well. Really all we had to do was connect the ballasts to the relays and attach the HIDs to our front bumper’s light tabs.

One thing to keep in mind when you first turn HIDs on is they need to warm up just the same way baseball stadium lights do. You will know they are warmed up when you see less blue in the light.

These lights are definitely brighter, and the range is almost doubled what we had before with the Daylighters. One thing we did notice is there seems to be a spot now from the range of the HIDs and what our factory headlights produce that needs to be more lit up. We are planning on getting the Daylighters back on for flood lighting, and have the HIDs take care of the range. This is going to require us to have a new bumper built that can accommodate 4 lights, so we will show you that after we get the bumper made.

Something to think about when you purchase HIDs is how to protect them. Along with the lights from KC we also got a set of HID locks. Just like you buy locks for your wheels, you can buy locks for your HIDs too. There is a unique key that fits into a 13/16" socket that you use to tighten the locks on. Remember HIDs are not cheap and it is very easy for someone to steal them while you are parked somewhere.

Here are pictures showing the difference in light. One is the factory headlights, one is just the HIDs, next is HIDs and factory headlights.

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