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Installing Prerunner Fiberglass Fenders & Bedsides on our Silverado Prerunner – FullDroopTV

In this episode of FullDroopTV, we install Fiberwerx fiberglass fenders and bedsides on our Silverado prerunner.

When building a prerunner you will be adding a long travel suspension kit, and to make sure your prerunner is legal to drive on the street and to have the clearance you need it is important to add fiberglass fenders and bedsides.

We called up Fiberwerx for a set of their fenders and bedsides for our 2007 Chevy Silverado. They feature a 4.5″ bulge, a clear gelcoat finish and are made to look exactly like the factory fenders.

On the rear we chose Fiberwerx 07-12 Silverado Bedsides, they feature a 4.5″ bulge and a 3″ rise, and they also include an indention to cut out for the factory gas filler door.

They are made to clear a 35″ tire but we will be running a 37″ Mickey Thompson MTZ tire and in the next episode we will show you how we clearanced the fiberglass fenders and bedsides to fit.

Speaking of tires, we also will discuss how to select the correct size tire for your prerunner.

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