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JeepSpeed – Racing on the Cheap

JeepSpeed is quickly gaining in popularity. Could it be because it is the cheapest form of offroad racing?…that’s my guess.

No longer do you have to have a bank account like Donald Trump to enjoy the thrill of offroad racing. For under $10,000 you can go racing on the same tracks the high dollar Trophy Trucks traverse. You might not get to the finish line as fast, but you also did not spend half a million dollars.

JeepSpeed 1 rules state that it is exclusively for Jeep Cherokee XJ models produced from 1981 through 2001. Any option combination (2-door, 4-door, 2-wheel-drive, 4-wheel-drive, 4-cylinder, V6, inline 6, manual transmission, automatic transmission, etc.) is acceptable, as long as it was available in the United States from the manufacturer in that configuration. Dealer installed and aftermarket options are not allowed, unless specifically identified as acceptable herein.

Major components, such as suspension kits, must be readily available to the general public. Unless a modification is allowed or component listed as open herein, that part must remain original. Any component or assembly can be strengthened by adding material, but the original must remain intact.

Now that you know the basics you can see why JeepSpeed can be so much fun. It is called a drivers’ class since the available modifications are so limited and you must use off-the-shelf parts that anyone can get their hands on.

If you are looking for a little something different, new for 2007 are JeepSpeed 2 and JeepSpeed 3. JeepSpeed 2 allows use of Wranglers and Grand Cherokees with a lot of the rules carried over from the original JeepSpeed program. JeepSpeed 3 allows the use of Comanches and J10s plus you can combine any Jeep, AMC, Chrysler, Dodge, and Mopar engine with any Jeep body/chassis.

Like most limited racing classes I hope the popularity of JeepSpeed does not ruin it for those that love the cheap factor of it. To get more information about JeepSpeed visit the official website today. There you will find news about previous races and official rules so you can start your own race program.

Picture taken from the Terrible’s Town 250

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