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Lucas Oil Off Road Expo 2011 Coverage

Toyota prerunner

This Toyota prerunner caught my eye so I snapped a few shots of it. The build quality was unreal.

Titan prerunner

Titan prerunner rear

Across the road was this silver Titan prerunner. What I liked the most was the rear prerunner bumper appeared to be able to unlatch and fold down like a small tailgate.

Chevy prerunner with Mazulla kit

Sitting next to it was this Chevy prerunner with a Mazulla kit on it. Would have been nice if the ‘glass were painted, but still a nice looking truck.

Ford Raptor through the whoops

Walking back to the main drag I passed this 4Runner prerunner. I’ve seen it a lot of the LOORRS races, and finally got some up-close pics of it. Total Chaos kit in front and some sort of link suspension in the rear.

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