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Luxury Prerunners Are Not That Expensive

Yes I know after reading that title you are probably saying WTF, hold on and let me explain.

The other day I was reading on about Aston Martin’s new Supercar the One-077. This piece of art will set you back $1,750,000 if you can even get one. Now if the price of a car looks more like a phone number than a price tag you know it’s expensive. Everything on this car is hand-made to the owners wishes. After you buy one a suspension technician will come to you and tune it for the track you like to run on.

Let’s look at a Luxury Prerunner like the new Raptor Luxury Prerunner by Stewart’s Raceworks built for racer Mark Weyhrich. Probably around $250k to $500k, I am not sure the actual price, but it is basically a Trophy Truck with all the factory creature comforts like A/C and a full interior.

I watched the multi-part video series they did on this prerunner and you can see why they fetch the price they do. Basically all they use from an F-150 is the roof and doors, everything else is built from scratch.

Let’s look at building a new F-150 prerunner. Ok you buy say a new F-150 Super Cab with the Ecoboost engine, for around $45k, then you put a long travel kit on it in the front with coil-overs, bypass shocks, bumpstops and a one-piece front clip, there is another $10-12k not including labor. Then you cage it, back half it and link it, you are probably adding another $60k to the price of the truck.

So you just spent over $100k for a very nice prerunner, but it is still not going to compare to one of the Luxury Prerunners on the performance side, and if your dumping $100k+ into a prerunner you have the money for a Luxury Prerunner.

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