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Maier Polaris RZR X17 Hood

Well after someone forgot to close one of the latches on the factory hood, it only took 100ft for it to blow off, and unfortunately we ran it over, completely destroying it.

We went on the hunt for a new hood and thought since we are replacing it why not go custom instead of the factory RZR hood. We’ve known for a long time Maier-MFG has been manufacturing custom plastics for UTVs for years so we felt confident that the fit would be better than stock, and we weren’t disappointed.

Maier offers this hood in a variety of colors like black, black carbon, stealth black and white. To match our 2016 RZR Turbo we had to get it in white.

One of the other key features that helps when you have a turbo RZR is the air scoops on the front are much larger than the factory hood, adding to the amount of air flow that goes into your radiator and since we are based in the desert south west I’m sure the added airflow will help us.

Installation was so easy, we popped in new latches and it slides right in just like the factory hood. Literally 10 minutes and it was on!

Fits the 15-17 RZR 900 S/XC/Trail & 14-17 RZR XP 1000 / RZR-4 XP 1000 & 16-17 RZR S 1000

Visit Maier MFG for more details.

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