Meet the Race Teams

Meet the Race Teams

Most Off-road Race fans think the drivers live the lives of Rock stars, traveling from race to race with a slew of semi trucks, a full pit crew and it is all a big vacation. Well let me tell you this could not be further from the truth.

We are introducing a new segment of our magazine, “Meet the Race Teams”. This new and exciting area of the magazine will give you an in depth look at the work that goes on “behind the scenes”.

We will show you the racers’ headquarters, be it a 30,000 sq. ft. facility to a grass roots racer’s garage, so you can see all the work involved with running a successful off-road race team.

Our “Meet the Race Teams” segment will cover both desert racing teams and short-course racing teams.

Our first installment will be featuring Menzies Motorsports, a CORR racing team. We will show you what the drivers for Menzies Motorsports, like Rob McCachren go through to be competitive in the hard hitting action of Championship Off Road Racing.

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Here’s a little teaser to get your mouth watering.

Rob McCachren skying over a jump in a Pro 2 race truck at the Menzies private practive course.



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