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Menzies Motorsports Championship Off Road Racing CORR

Let’s face it the Championship Off Road Racing series has to be one of the most action packed forms of off-road racing out there and one of the strongest teams in this series is Menzies Motorsports.

Owner Steve Menzies has put together a team of drivers in all classes of CORR except for Pro-4. His team is comprised of some of the winningest drivers in the series with names like Rob MacCachren, Bryce Menzies, Bruce Fraley, Larry Job, Bryan Freeman and Brock Krahenbuhl.

We had a little Q&A session with Steve and here is how it went:

First off, what made you decide to take such a strong approach to CORR racing?

Business is business and after successfully building a multitude of businesses throughout my career I felt our approach to race CORR should be no different.  At my side was arguably the best off road racer in the world, Rob MacCachren, whose twenty-years of off road racing provided me with a clear insight to what it was going to take to be successful immediately.  Daily interactions with Rob and the other veterans on our team led me to make the decision to push forward in our commitment to the sport and set the standard and set it high. 

Not many people could tackle such a huge venture. You started by dominating the single buggy class, what made you decide to go all out and compete in every class?

The team we assembled included racers that have a proven winning record.  Bryan Freeman came in and has dominated the single buggy class since he strapped in our cars.  From fabrication to prep to testing, we have provided our racers with all the tools to run in the front. The rest is up to them and they’ve all done very well and each race is a new adventure.  Sometimes it’s not so much the adventure as it is the journey to the end of each race weekend.

Competing in the various classes also has provided Bryce the opportunity to move up in class.  After racing to last year’s season championship in the single-buggy class, he moved into the Pro Lite truck class and we expect to see him in the Pro 2 towards the second half of the season preparing for next year when Bryce will be racing our new Pro 2 built by Dave Clark.

There is never a lack of excitement in our pits, we always have someone getting ready to race or on the track charging for a win.

I know Bryce is your son, how does the race team tie in with your family?

For most of his life, Bryce has been competing at one level or another in a variety of disciplines, whether sporting or behind the wheel and on a motorcycle.   I don’t kid about this but our race team is really just an extension of our family and who we are.  Our family and friends are all extensively involved in the race team and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Our race team is very exciting on many levels including beyond the race track.  My wife and I have bided our time in order to allow Bryce and professional motorsports to mesh together and well, here we are.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The drivers in your team are really impressive, how did you go about picking them?

Bruce Fraley was a friend of our family and he recommended we get together and talk to Rob MacCachren.  Once we had a chance to talk with Rob, we were really excited to have him join the team.  The rest of the team came together on recommendations of all our resources that we brought together with Rob and Bruce.  I sat and met with each team member and the selections just fell into place quite easily. Each one of our racer’s is tremendously dedicated to winning and it shows both on and off the track. 

With the success you have had so far in CORR, where do you see Menzies Motorsports going in the future?

The plan is to constantly improve each and every race.  If everything falls in place the 2009 season will see Menzies Motorsports introduce a true “super team” in the CORR racing ranks.  We are building two additional trucks to add to our fleet of racing vehicles.  Only the strong survive and you can be sure that Menzies Motorsports will be there in the future.

Let’s Meet the Team…

Rob MacCachren has been winning races for years in a number of different types of off-road racing. Whether it is in the desert or on a short course, here are some of his accomplishments:

Won Initial 5 out 7 first SCORE/BITD Events Entered in 2007


2005 AARWBA (American Auto Racing Writers and Broadcasters Association) Award
2005 SCORE Las Vegas Short Course Fri Win
2001 CORR Pro4 Borg Warner Champion
2001 CORR Governor’s Cup Champion
2001 CORR Pro4 Class Champion
2001 AARWBA (American Auto Racing Writers and Broadcasters Association) Award
2000 CORR Borg Warner Champion
2000 CORR Governor’s Cup Champion
2000 CORR Pro4 Champion
1999 CORR Borg Warner Champion
1998 CORR Las Vegas Winter Champion
1995 SODA Class 4 Champion

Bryce Menzies is definately making a name for himself in CORR. He is a thriving new star and keeps increasing his skills and climbing to the top. Here are some of his accomplishments:

1st place Chula Vista Pro-Lite Round 8

1st place Antelope Valley #1 Sunday single buggy
1st place Texas, Friday Single buggy
1st place Texas, Saturday single buggy
2nd place Antelope Valley #2 Saturday single buggy
3rd place Antelope Valley #2 Sunday single buggy
CORR Single Buggy Championship

Other racing accomplishments:
Multiple Motocross wins and podiums Multiple Go cart wins and podiums

Racing in the desert for years, Bruce Fraley, now a CORR Pro-Lite driver for Menzies is making the team look good. Here are some of his accomplishments:

2nd Place Pomona Saturday single buggy
2nd Place Antelope Valley Sunday single buggy
Currently 2nd Place in CORR single buggy points
Currently in a spot to receive CORR Rookie of the year award

Other Racing Accomplishments:
1st Place 2004 SCORE Baja 1000 Class 1600
1st Place 2003 SCORE Terribles Town 250 Class 1600
2003 SNORE Points Champion
2003 SNORE Mechanic of the Year
2002 SNORE Points Champion
2002 SNORE Mechanic of the Year
2001 SNORE Points Champion
2001 SNORE Mechanic of the Year
1st Place 2001 SCORE Baja 1000 Class 1600
1st Place 1999 SCORE Baja 1000 Class 1600
1993 SNORE 5/1600 Points Champion
1992 Arizona State Shifter Cart Champion
1991 Las Vegas Kart Club Shifter and Sportsman Champion
1990 SCORE Mini Metal Champion
1987 won 8 of 9 races as mechanic for Walker Evans

Larry has been racing in the desert since the late 70’s winning Championships in SNORE, SCORE, and BITD. Now he looks to make a name for himself in CORR. Here are just some of his accomplishments:

2000 to Present:
MRAN 32 Top 5 places
2001 Elsinore Grand Prix 1st Place
2003 Baja Mex300 2nd Place Class 40
2003 Las Vegas 300 1st Place Class 40
2003 Great American Grand Prix 1st Place
2003 Elsinore Grand Prix 1st Place
2003 Best in the Desert Champion Class 40
2004 NDRA Night Race Champion Vet Expert
2004 Vegas to Reno 6th Place Class 1500
2004 Buffalo Bills 400 1st Overall
2004 Baja 1000 4th Place Trophy Truck
2005 Nevada 1000 2nd Place Class 1500
2005 Terrible Town 250 4th Place Class 1

Bryan Freeman has been racing in the desert since 2003 and in that short time has a host of 1st place finishes under his belt. Here are just some of his accomplishments:

1st place class 1600 SNORE Battle at Primm
1st place class 1600 SNORE Caliente 250
1st place class Pro Truck SCORE Baja 500
1st place class 1600 SNORE Midnight Special (OVERALL race winner)
1st place class Pro Truck BITD Vegas 2 Reno

1st place class Pro Truck BITD Parker 400
1st place class Pro Truck SCORE San Felipe 250
1st place class Pro Truck BITD Vegas 2 Reno
1st place class Pro Truck SCORE Primm 300
1st place class 1600 SCORE Terribles Cup
Pro Truck Series Champion
SCORE Pro Truck Series Champion

1st place class 1600 SCORE San Felipe 250
1st place class 1600 SCORE Baja 500
1st place class 1600 SCORE Primm 300

A native of Las Vegas Brock is making a name for himself in the CORR Single-Buggy class. Here are some of his interests:

Most Memorable Race: Motocross De Nations Belguim
Hobbies: Motocross
Favorite Sports Team: Hornets
Favorite Movie: Beowulf
Favorite Vacation Spot: Cabo

Steve Menzies is a Las Vegas businessman who started Menzies Motorsports at the beginning of 2007, with his son, Bryce. As owner of Menzies Motorsports, Menzies selected Bryce and expert off-road fabricator, Bruce Fraley, to drive two single buggy race cars. From the start, Menzies Motorsports made a presence as “top dog” in the single buggy class of the Championship Off-Road Racing (CORR) series. It didn’t take long for Steve to decide to grow his team into a “super team” and have a presence in every CORR division. For the 2008 season, Menzies put together a true powerhouse team adding three more elite drivers. The first driver added is an up-and-coming driver who already has a long list of wins, 27-year-old, Bryan Freeman. The second racer added is multi-champion and current supper buggy racer, Larry Job. The third person added to the team was Rob MacCachren, who is considered one of the best off-road racers of our time. And lastly the fourth racer added is an ex-motocross racer and son-in-law to Steve, Brock Krahenbuhl.

Most fans of CORR see the drivers through “rose” colored glasses, thinking they show up at a race, jump in the car/truck and have the greatest job in the world. I agree it is a great job, but what is not seen is the long hours and hard work behind the scenes. I caught up with some of the drivers of Menzies Motorsports on a practice session at their private track in BoulderCity. Now I was there the second day of testing, and it was a long hot day. The day before the drivers and crew were there over 10 hours, testing, tweaking, and sweating, making their race vehicles and their techniques the best they could.

Here are some highlights of the day’s events:

Menzies Motorsports Race Facility

Menzies Motorsports home base is located off of Decatur and the 215 in Las Vegas. To say this place is huge is an understatement. Along with a full fabrication shop, executive offices on the second floor, a long area for prepping the buggies, there is room for 3 full semis to pull in with plenty of room left over.

Note from the Editor:

I want to personally thank Steve for the opportunity to see inside Menzies Motorsports. Your success in business has translated quite well to your racing team. We here at Prerunner Maniac wish you continued success as you dominate the CORR racing series.

I would also like to thank Rob, Bryce and the rest of the Menzies Crew for their hospitality at their practice session. You definitely made me feel like part of the “Family”.


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