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Muzzys Dual Exhaust for Polaris RZR

If you are into Motocross you probably have heard the name Muzzys before. Muzzys Performance Products has been manufacturing performance exhausts for street bikes and dirt bikes for years, and with the explosion of Side x Sides now make some of the best exhaust kits for popular Side x Sides like the Rhino, Teryx, and the Polaris RZR.

Muzzys Stainless Steel Dual Exhaust for Polaris RZR

If you remember where we started with our Project Desert RZR, it was adding more safety. After owing our RZR for only six days it was already upside down once. Now with the added confidence a custom .120 wall DOM rollcage and 4pt harnesses provide we started looking for more power.

One of the easiest ways to get more power is with a custom exhaust. Now our only concern with a new exhaust for our RZR was just how loud was it going to be? We did not want to install something that would make it even harder to talk while flying through the desert or the dunes.

We contacted Muzzys because we had heard good things from our friends that ride Dirt Bikes. After seeing their new Stainless Steel Dual Exhaust kit for the 2008 – 2009 RZR we felt like we were making the right choice.

Along with the Bling factor of stainless steel we knew this exhaust would probably outlast our RZR.

We set up a time for the install with our friends at Woolworth Motorsports, and Robby Woolworth made this install look even easier than it already was.

We first laid out all the parts.

While Robby was busy reading the install instructions I was taking all the rear plastic off the RZR. Do not try and install this exhaust without first taking the rear plastic off. In order for this 2-1-2 system to work it has to snake around some of the factory cross members and would be almost impossible to do.

Here is a shot of our ugly factory exhaust, gets the job done but is nothing to look at and it was probably putting the death grip on our RZR motor.

Here is the factory exhaust laid out.

The first step was to install one of the supplied heat shields onto the head pipe that sits closest to the passenger seat.

Next Robby installed both head pipes on the RZR.

Here is a top view.

The next step was installing the 2 into 1 pipe.

This picture shows we installed the O2 sensor plug provided in the kit.

Now we installed the 1 into 2 pipe.

Here you can see another view that shows the masterful engineering of Muzzys as it curls around a factory suspension brace.

The tolerances of the pipe flanges are tight so be prepared to put a little muscle into it.

Then it was time to install the brackets that will attach Muzzys’ aluminum bracket to the RZR frame. This bracket surrounds each exhaust tube and provides a very solid mount.

Here you see the mount and dual exhaust in place. Note the tight fit with our lower cage bar. We certainly lucked out here.

Here is a side shot of what the exhaust looks like on our RZR.

Now is the time to add the remaining heat shields and the springs that hold the individual pipe pieces together. After that we put the rear plastic back on and the job was complete.

Overall the install was very easy. I think it took longer to get the factory plastic off than for the entire exhaust install.

We fired up the RZR to hear what the new exhaust sounded like and WOW what a difference. The tone of the Muzzys exhaust is very deep and throaty, and not any louder than the factory exhaust. This deeper sound actually made it easier to talk to the passenger while riding, something we found out while testing.

Testing the Muzzys Stainless Steel Dual Exhaust for the Polaris RZR

We headed out to the desert to see how our new Muzzys exhaust system would change the performance of our RZR. All I have to say is, “WORTH EVERY PENNY”!!! We could not believe how much of a difference in performance the new exhaust made.

Standing in some soft dirt, we hit the gas hard and a friend mentioned he could not believe the rooster tail we threw up. Not only from a stand still will you notice the huge increase in power, but mid-range power was also increased. Cruising at 35 mph I mashed the gas and our RZR surged pushing us deeper in our seats, and instantly we were at 55 mph.

We could not be happier with our new Muzzys Stainless Steel Dual Exhaust Kit. The look, the ease of installation, and the performance all get two thumbs up from us.



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