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Nelson Specialties Switch Panels

Nelson Specialties offers Switch Panels with proven reliability for high-performance applications. Switch panels are available in five or seven switch configurations.

Both versions include starter on/off toggle switch and momentary ignition toggle switch. The five-switch configuration includes three additional on/off toggles for accessories, while the seven-switch version provides five accessory on/off toggles. Switches are rated to handle a 200 amp emergency break load, far outperforming commercial grade switches often used with high-performance applications. Screw-down connectors are used, rather than push on connectors, to maintain secure connection during extreme vibration. Internal contacts are designed to avoid chatter, and are silver-plated for superior conductivity. Switches are Aircraft Grade and Military Specification (MS24523-22 for on/off switch, and MS24523-30 for momentary switch) to ensure reliability and consistency. Switch Panels utilize a three-piece bus bar. Switches are available in water resistant or submersible versions. Nelson Specialties also offers many other electrical and ignition components and services for high-performance applications. More information is available at


About Nelson Specialties

Nelson Specialties, an electronics manufacturing and consulting firm was founded in 1974 by Nelson Crozier. The Mooresville, NC based company started with government and military work, as well as projects for NASA. Through the 1970’s and 1980’s Nelson Specialties moved seamlessly into drag race and oval track racing applications. The company now manufactures and tests electrical equipment such as wire harnesses and ignition coils for scores of race teams.


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